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Meediakajastused: amelik visiit Jaapanisse


NHK News Web
06 Mar. 15:59
which tells that President criticized that Russia is doing utilizing the same logic as Nazi did for to save their nations.

07 Mar. 16:50
President Ilves stressed that EU should firmly collaborate and show firm stance to Russia, and NATO as well.

07 Mar. 20:52
Presidential couple visited Emperor and Empress
Since Emperor and Empress' visiting Estonia, the relationship between two countries has been growing up. Emperor told he remembers the welcome singing at the Lauluvaljak when they visited. President replied Estonia won the independence by singing. Emperor mentioned that Baruto was a strong Sumo wrestler who speaks good Japanese and he mush have developed goo communication between two countries. President replied the interests in Japan has been increased in Estonia by his success.

07 Mar. 22:50
President and Prime Minister Abe agreed in opinion to cooperate each other on cyber attack threat. They talked about security affairs and regional situations.
Abe said that Estonia who has fundamental value of democracy, market economy and rule of law is an important partner country to Japan. The two countries agreed to start cooperation on cyber field including building up a conference. President told that Estonia hopes Japan to step up the cooperation with the field of cyber and he confirmed it would be possible. President also mentioned that Japan is a country who acts responsible manner in the international arena and had been refused military operation by tradition. This is very important in this tense situation on Ukraine. They talked about Ukrainian situation.

Asahi, NIKKEI, Mainichi and small press are showing about the same news.

6 Mar. 12:47
President met Mikitani and agreed each other the importance of cyber security. President said cyber security in Estonia is four times strong than normal level, but will do the best to keep up the development. Mikitani told that in case of introducing my number system in Japan, there will be many questions to save from cyber terrorism and how to create data backup, Japan has to learn from IT advanced country Estonia and its case examples. This meeting was put into practice by request from Estonian side. More than 15 year-old citizens are charged to have ID cards and internet election and medical treatment by digital chart are applied in Estonia. Shinkeiren is considering to dispatch a delegation to Estonia.

6 Mar. 16:20
President strongly criticized Russia that if the reason to enforce the control of the Crimea is because of the same race are living, there would be many troubles here and there in the world. He also told that the Roman Empire took the idea that "where Romans are living it Rome" and now Russia is taking the same dangerous idea. And President mentioned that Japan and Estonia have in common on own territory taken by the neighboring country. Estonia signed the border-drawing treaty in February. President chose the way to settle this problem by abandonment of the territory than long negotiations which may occur more tangles.