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Ieva Ilves: the family of SOS Children’s Village will remain a support throughout life


President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Ieva Ilves, who is a patron of SOS Children's Villages, last night visited the family of SOS Keila Children's Village as it celebrated its 21st birthday.

In her greeting address, Ieva Ilves said that the work done by SOS Children's Village is important for all of us, for Estonia and, above all, for the children raised here.

"Thanks to you, these children have a home, parents, siblings, friends and companions, and support that will remain with them for life," said Ieva Ilves in her address to the mothers and parents of the SOS Children's Village's family. "Many, many thanks to you for bringing foster children into your life, heart and care and for finding the spiritual power, will and love that are needed to raise these children."

"Dear Keila SOS Children's Village. Happy Birthday!" said Ieva Ilves in Estonian.

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