teenetemargidDecorations of the
Republic of Estonia


Under ordinary procedure, Estonian state decorations are bestowed once a year – on 24 February, Independence Day. Decorations may also be bestowed at other times.

Everyone has the right to propose candidates for state decoration to the President of the Republic. Proposals on state decorations are to be submitted to the President by 1 November of the previous year.

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The state decorations of the Republic of Estonia are used by the state to express its gratitude to Estonians and friends of Estonia whose professional work and dedication has helped to make Estonia stronger, greater and more caring. Legislation stipulates that the right to bestow state decorations belongs to the President.

The decorations information system provides information on past recipients of decorations and information about each decoration. It is also possible to nominate individuals for decorations, to register an award or decoration bestowed by a foreign country and to apply for a miniature or rosette badge of a decoration.