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You can download the latest information from the president’s website via an RSS news feed:


1) Press releases from the Office of the President

- Estonian

- English


2) Speeches given by the president

- Estonian

- English


3) Essays and other writings published by the president

- Estonian

- English


4) Interviews with and articles about the president

- Estonian

- English


5) Decisions made and decrees issued by the president

- Estonian


6) The latest pictures in a photo album


What is the RSS news feed?

The news feed allows you to keep up with the latest information coming out of the Office of the President via the website. Information is forwarded to you as headlines about press releases, speeches, decisions, photos and more as soon as they’re published – and without you having to check the website for them yourself.


How do I use the news feed?

 There are a number of programmes you can use with different operating systems to read the RSS. You’ll need to copy the news feed link into the programme you’re using. Some examples (for the content of which the Office of the President cannot be held liable) are:



Newz Crawler



Mac OS X








Web-based RSS readers




Browser with RSS reader

Mozilla Firefox