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Estonian President Leaves a Surprise Message To Leading Mobile Analytics Platform Company Tune In a Code File

Estonian President Leaves a Surprise Message To Leading Mobile Analytics Platform Company Tune In a Code File © Mihkel Uba


Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves visited Estonia's fastest growing product and software development company Mooncascade on 28th of March. During the visit, the President was asked to write and send a surprise message in the end of a code file to the U.S based mobile platform company Tune, who are clients of Mooncascade.

According to Priit Salumaa, Mooncascade's Co-Founder, asking the President to participate in the actual coding process was an attempt to surprise President Ilves by offering him a chance to have a close look at today's programming and to get in touch with a place familiar from the time Ilves lived in the States:

"It's not a secret, that our President has studied coding when younger. Also, it was known to us that he used to live in Seattle, so we wanted to give him an opportunity to say hello, but to do it in a most unexpected way," Salumaa says.

"Greetings to Seattle from Tartu. I used to live there and worked as a forestfire fighter at the Enumclaw U.S. Forest Service office," was the message President Ilves wrote into a code file, which was actually a real part of a development project Mooncascade is doing for Tune.

In his letter to Mooncascade, after having discovered the message from the President of Estonia in their code file, the Co-Founder of Tune, Lucas Brown, replied:

"Enumclaw is on the way to Crystal Mountain which is our favorite ski resort in WA. Small world! Hope Toomas enjoyed it. Tell Toomas hello for Lee and I."

Mooncascade is Estonia's fastest growing product and software development house, founded by software engineers, including two former Skype engineers, Asko Seeba, Priit Salumaa, Indrek Ulst and Ahti Liin in 2009 and is mainly focussed on work in the telecom, finance, manufacturing and start-up sectors across Europe and North America.

Having a team over 70 specialists with deep technical knowledge and wide business expertise to solve complex tasks, Mooncascade is often brought on board when a large corporation needs to set up an innovation arm and do rapid prototyping.

TUNE is a mobile analytics platform company that builds solutions that arm marketers and their partners with insights to help effectively engage consumers with timely, personalised marketing messages. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with over 300 employees in eight offices worldwide, TUNE's solutions are globally recognized as the most innovative, reliable, and best supported in mobile marketing.

Mooncascade has been working with Tune since June 2015.

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