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President Ilves to participate in Brussels Forum, a top-level foreign and security policy event


President Toomas Hendrik Ilves will take part in the annual trans-Atlantic foreign and security policy conference, the Brussels Forum, from today until Sunday.

This year, the discussions will focus on changes in the trans-Atlantic security architecture that binds together democratic countries. The Brussels Forum will also focus on maintaining common value space and the importance of strengthening mutual relations in times of emerging conflicts, crises and political changes. The programme of the conference will include a diversified number of issues: the consequences of the credit crunch, climate and energy policies will be discussed. Apart from the refugee crisis, which has a considerable external and internal influence on the European Union, the schedule includes debates on the future of Ukraine, developments in Russia and within its immediate neighbourhood, and the general impacts of the war in Syria and possible solutions to these problems. A separate focus will be on the impact of new technologies on society, incl. business, relations between citizens and the state and legislative drafting.

Brussels Forum is an annual, high-level meeting that concentrates on foreign and security policies and provides a forum for maintaining and strengthening trans-Atlantic relations and the discussion of global issues. Participants include influential North American and European politicians, journalists, academicians, entrepreneurs and foreign and security policy thinkers, as well as leading officials of the European Union.

President Ilves will take part in the Brussels Forum at the invitation of organisers with Ieva Ilves who has extensive experience in the sphere of foreign and security policy, including trans-Atlantic co-operation and the Eastern Partnership of the European Union.

You are welcome to listen to public discussions at the Brussels Forum here: http://brussels.gmfus.org/
Programme of the conference: http://brussels.gmfus.org/agenda

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