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Estonian Head of State met with the Foreign Minister of Mongolia


The President, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, confirmed Estonia's willingness for co-operation in the sphere of e-governance at his meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, Luvsanvandan Bold, and gave examples of our IT co-operation projects in different countries.

Mongolia has for example shown interest in Estonia's X-road, which represents a secure data exchange layer.

"Mongolia must now decide what exactly it wants to do in the sphere of e-governance and what solutions it is ready for; then we can discuss further co-operation," President Ilves said, encouraging the two countries to continue their ICT contacts. "Estonia has some universal experiences and solutions that we are willing to share."

He acknowledged Mongolia as being one of the founders of the Freedom Online Coalition and the member that will take over the position of Presidency of the Coalition from Estonia this summer. He emphasised that Mongolia has a chance to demonstrate how important unrestricted access to the Internet can be for everybody in the area surrounding Mongolia and also elsewhere.

The Mongolian Foreign Minister promised to promote extending the FOC in Asia.

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