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Presidendi Kärajad 15.10.2010

The latest day of debate going under the title of Presidendi Kärajad (The President’s Counsel) was held on 15 October, led by the President’s Academic Advisory Board in association with the Estonian Development Fund and Pärnu Conferences. The theme of the day was ‘Estonia 100’ or Estonia in the new decade.

The fourth event in the series sought to ask and answer questions regarding the possibilities open to the country, its ambitions and its vitality. What issues will form the core of social and political debate at the end of the decade, when the Republic of Estonia marks its 100th anniversary?

The day was opened by President Ilves, whose welcome was followed by a presentation given by former prime minister Mart Laar and a discussion on Estonia’s future prospects involving representatives of the country’s various political parties. The second half of the day saw Estonian Development Fund director Ott Pärna and entrepreneur Priit Põldoja presenting the ‘Estonian development vision 2018’. Debate then ensued on related issues.