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Meetings and presentations

29 August 2016
Topic: "The Future of Estonia and Europe"

13 June 2012
Theme: "The Internet age"
Henri Laupmaa and Daniel Vaarik: "Freedom in the Internet age"
President Toomas Hendrik Ilves: "D2ASA – a new opportunity"

2 September 2011
Theme: "E-health"
Madis Tiik: "E-health – what needs to be done and what can we actually do?"
Hanno Pevkur: "E-health – where next?"
Margit Sutrop: "The ethical aspects of e-health"
Margus Punab: "Problems and aspirations"

24 March 2011
Theme: "Complex systems and tolerance"
Jüri Engelbrecht: "Complex systems – why we should know more about them"
Leo Mõtus: "The mirror universe and managing emerging behaviour in complex systems"
Robert Kitt: "Complex social systems"
Alar Kilp: "The roots and limits of tolerance"
Margit Sutrop: "Should we tolerate intolerance, too?"

14 December 2010
Theme: "The IT Academy and Estonian IT development"
Taavi Kotka and Sten Tamkivi: "Labour needs in the Estonian ICT sector"
Üllar Jaaksoo: "Higher education in ICT"
Marlon Dumas: "Estonian IT through the eyes of an outsider"

27 August 2010
Topic: "Penal law"
Jaan Sootak: "Adequacy of penal law – independence of law and what society expects from law"
Sten Lind: "Judex non calculat"
Jüri Saar: "How hazardous is danger? The example of Post-punishment detention"

13 May 2010
Topic: "Foreign policy"
Kadri Liik: "Some common characteristics shared by foreign policy and opera singing"
Maria Mälksoo: "The memory-related political horizon of Estonian foreign policy"
Vahur Made: "The non-polar and Sinopolar world system"

9 March 2010
Topic: "Psychological protection"
Raul Rebane: "Psychological protection"
Uku Arold: "Psychological protection in Estonia"
Marju Lauristin: "Target groups of the information war and possibilities for psychological protection"
Ilmar Raag: "Paradigm of strategic communication"
Juhan Kivirähk: "Psychological protection and opinion surveys"

9 December 2009
Topic: "Higher education in mother tongue (Estonian)"
Tõnis Lukas: "Touchstones of Estonian higher education policy"
Alar Karis: "University and the world"

20 August 2009
Working meeting on the organization of the Academic Advisory Board

3 July 2009
Topic: "Journalism"
Mart Kadastik: "Does journalism have time?"
Hans H. Luik: "Estonian journalism in conditions of diffused attention"
Tiina Kaalep: "Anonymity and responsibility in journalism"
Tiit Hennoste: "From news value to commenting value"

28 April 2009
Topic: "Discursive democracy"
Marju Lauristin: "The possibility of discursive democracy – the example of the countryside brainstorming sessions"

3 February 2009
Topic: "Creative industries in Estonia"
Jüri Engelbrecht: "Is investment in science and research the "Estonian thing"?"
Rein Raud: "Creative industries"
Martin Aadamsoo: "Creative industries"

12 December 2008
Academic Advisory Board. Ross: "Eesti Pank economic forecast and monetary policy conclusions"

6 August 2008
Topic: "Rural life and life in the countryside"
Tõnu Õnnepalu: "Rural life and life in the countryside"
Andres Rõigas: "The feasibility of life in the countryside"

3 June 2008
Jaan Tallinn: "Skype"
Teet Jagomägi: "I Story of Regio. II About innovation"
Andres Sutt: "Innovation in the public sector"

10 April 2008
Margus Punab: "Health criteria and epidemiological research"
Mati Rahu: "Epidemiological research and invasion of privacy"
Peeter Ross: "Availability of electronic health data"

27 February 2008
Märten Ross: "General introduction to the labour market"
Tairi Rõõm: "Education and the labour market"
Martti Raidal: "Research policy, slogans and reality"
Jaan Einasto and Mart Saarma: "Developing research, education and technology in Estonia, i.e. how to become great in spirit? 1"
Jaan Einasto and Mart Saarma: "Developing research, education and technology in Estonia, i.e. how to become great in spirit? 2"

27 November 2007
Toomas Kukk: "What is the future of being Estonian?"
Tiina Kirss: "What is the future of being Estonian? What are our values?"
Margit Sutrop: "What kinds of values espoused by Estonians need protection?"

13 August 2007
Jaan Einasto: "Innovation and science"
Marek Tiits: "Innovation and the economy"
Ott Pärna: "Innovation and development"

11 June 2007
Tõnis Lukas and Katri Raik: "Numerical data on schools with Russian as the language of instruction"

24 April 2007
Toomas Hiio in the President’s Academic Advisory Board 24 April 2007
Marek Tamm: "Amnesty and anamnesis: memory conflicts in Estonian society"

14 February 2007
Topic: "Energy: Estonia’s real choices"
Einari Kisel: "Energy sector and the economy"
Sandor Liive: "Nuclear energy: developments in the world and the possible role for Eesti Energia in the Baltic Sea region"
Raul Mälk: "Energy sector and foreign policy"
Raivo Vilu: "Oil shale energy sector"

18 December 2006