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Young Cultural Figure Award


The Young Cultural Figure Award, 5,000 Euros, is intended for an Estonian cultural figure aged 35 or younger, whose accomplishments in the field of creative arts have won wide recognition or who has, with his or her works or activities in the field of creative arts, considerably contributed to making Estonia and Estonian culture known in the world.

The award is issued once a year, in spring.

For application, the following documents shall be submitted:

- a written application with personal data and a short CV (name, address, education, professional career);
- a description of creative work;
- recommendations by at least two recognised cultural figures or an artistic association and one recognised cultural figure.

Candidates may be nominated by young cultural figures themselves and their supervisors, teachers, employers, and all associations operating in the field of culture, etc., as well as members of the Board of the Cultural Foundation.

All documents relevant for application for the Award shall be submitted to the President of the Republic’s Cultural Foundation (A.Weizenbergi 39, 15050 Tallinn).

The Young Cultural Figure Award was created in 2002 by Toomas Luman, Member of the Supervisory Board of the Cultural Foundation. He also financed the award from 2002-2011.

The Young Cultural Figure Award of the Cultural Foundation is financed by Indrek Neivelt.

Previous laureates:

Tõnu Kõrvits, composer; Culture Foundation Award – folk musician Krista Sildoja
Jan Kaus, literary critic
Anu Tali, conductor
Jaanus Rohumaa, actor and theatre director
Helena Tulve, composer
Luana Georg, ballerina
Kristiina Ehin, poet
Marius Peterson, actor and theatre director
- editor of the Ööülikool (Night University) series Jaan Tootsen
- conductor Risto Joost, special award to the poet, essayist, translator and individual who is shaping a society liberated from prejudice Igor Kotjuh
- jewel artist Tanel Veenre
- pianist Mihkel Poll
- dramatist Eero Epner, special award to gallerist Olga Temnikova
- folk musician Jalmar Vabarna