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First Lady’s Foundation

Members of the First Lady’s Foundation’s advisory board

1. Anu Kaljurand, Estonian Olympic Committee
2. Gerd Kanter, Olympic discus champion
3. Õnne Pollisinski, Meduus Sports Club
4. Heli Suvi, Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia

The First Lady’s Foundation


1. The President of the Republic’s Cultural Foundation has the right to present awards and scholarships with a specific purpose that are related to Estonian culture, education or research work.
The Cultural Foundation may appropriate various grants in the given fields of activity.

2. The Cultural Foundation has established the First Lady’s Foundation along with an advisory board that manages the foundation. The First Lady’s Foundation is directed at charity and focuses primarily on the social sphere.

3. The motivation for establishing the First Lady’s Foundation is the fact that a large number of Estonian families live under the poverty level and their children lack the conditions for developing their abilities, for receiving the appropriate training and implementing their mental potential in their future life. The First Lady’s Foundation supports the education of children from the least privileged families, as well as children and families in extraordinary circumstances, the elderly, disabled people or other people in need of assistance.

4. The First Lady’s Foundation comprises contributions from private individuals, companies or organizations and must report to the supervisory board of the Cultural Foundation once a year.

5. Donors may designate a social sphere or target group for their donations, which may also be designated by name.

6. The advisory board of the First Lady’s Foundation comprises donors or their representatives and recognized experts.

The President of the Republic’s Cultural Foundation