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“LEIB. Ilo ja vägi. BREAD. The Beauty & the Might” by Evelin Ilves is launched today


From today, a book on bread in both English and Estonian by Evelin Ilves entitled "LEIB. Ilo ja vägi. BREAD. The Beauty & the Might" will be available for sale in book stores. The book is published by Varrak and includes 18 bread recipes. The pictures in the book were taken by photographer Katrina Tang and depict the diversity of Estonian bread, nature and women. Every book purchased will support NGO Saagu Valgus (Let There Be Light), which helps children in need.

The book represents an attempt to capture the story and face of bread, the beauty and power of woman, and the diversity of nature, might and the beauty of being. Evelin Ilves has included 18 bread recipes, against the backdrop of 18 photos of inspiring Estonian women that were captured in various places throughout Estonia.

According to book author Evelin Ilves, she has baked bread for the past 12 years, she has tried and tested many different types and she has experimented with exotic bread products that have been made using Estonian flour. "Bread is a staple on our tables and it is therefore nice to have a diversified bread basket. It is also nice to share one's experiences with others as I have seen, many times, how much joy a loaf of brown or white bread baked with love can bring. A collection of the best recipes, which are also easy to make, is now available for readers to try, test, experiment with, taste and appraise. May you have plenty of both bread and pleasure," added Evelin Ilves.

Priit Maide, the CEO of publishing house Varrak, said that he is pleased with the fact that Estonian book stores can now offer a book on bread, which is not merely a collection of recipes but also conveys the power and spirit of bread as one of the symbols of Estonia. "An immediate and sincere story of the nature and meaning of bread can be found between these covers," conveyed Priit Maide.

The head of NGO Saagu Valgus (Let There Be Light), Siiri Sisask, said that the decision of Evelin Ilves to support the most deprived with the creation and publishing of this book is very important. "Every bit of support, every expression of good will and the thought to offer help in places where our help will be most welcome contributes to a better society. The power that Evelin talks about and the values in her book now serve a good purpose – offering the children of Estonia a safer life," told Siiri Sisask. With every purchase of the book, a donation of €1 will be made to help children in need.

The book's photographer, Katrina Tang, recalled that she did her best to depict the beauty of Estonian bread, nature and women in its most beautiful form. "I had the great honour of being a part of a project that held such a huge positive and emotional charge, and it represented our women in their most authentic form," added Katrina Tang.

The book is a visually wonderful and practical Christmas present for people who speak either Estonian or English.

In December, Evelin Ilves will visit several book stores throughout Estonia to sign books and talk about the development of the book to those interested. You can find the schedule for the book signings on the website of the publishing house at www.varrak.ee.

Books will be sold and shipped abroad by both Rahva Raamat and Apollo. More information can be found at www.rahvaraamat.ee and www.apollo.ee.

Varrak publishing house (www.varrak.ee) was established in 1991. In its first year in business, the company published four brochures and 12 paperback books. The intervening years have seen continued growth and Varrak has been publishing more than 200 books a year for the last number of years. Varrak has published a wide variety of books in different genres, with subjects ranging from history, philosophy and sociology to literary fiction, science fiction, popular fiction and children's literature.

Additional information is available from:

Priit Maide, CEO of Publishing House Varrak
Tel: +37256461110
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Evelin Ilves "LEIB. Ilo ja vägi. BREAD. The Beauty & the Might"
Photography Katrina Tang
Design Dan Mikkin
Translation Juta Ristsoo
192 pgs, hard cover, in Estonian and English
Publishing House Varrak

Bread making is always special. On the one hand, it is because our love and respect for it is immeasurable. And on the other, it is because there are few things we can make with our hands that are the best in world... This is one of them: to a baker's family, home-made bread is the best in the world. Bread baking has brought a hallowed and loving aura back to the kitchens in many Estonian homes. Yet, breads come with different faces and in hundreds of flavours. This is why these 18 varieties were chosen for this book – to make your breadbasket richer and those who love bread even happier. For those who have yet to try bread-making, today could be a good day to start. Joy, power and beauty to you all!

With every purchase of Bread, a donation of €1 will be made to Let There Be Light, a non-profit organisation that helps children in need.