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Rules of procedure

APPROVED by directive no. 9 of the President of the Republic, 9 January 2007

1. The roundtable on local government and regional development (hereinafter “roundtable”) is an advisory body to the President of the Republic (hereinafter “President”).

2. The roundtable is established, and its rules of procedure are approved, by the President of the Republic.

3. The functions of the roundtable are the following:
3.1 to promote opportunities for cooperation between state and local government in strengthening statehood, developing democracy and supporting civic society;
3.2. to develop recommendations to the President in matters pertaining to local government and regional development through the exchange of views between representatives of local government units.

4. Participants in the roundtable shall include representatives from county local government associations, the Association of Rural Municipalities of Estonia and the Association of Estonian Cities. The representatives shall be appointed by the association for each roundtable, as well as other persons invited to take part in the President’s roundtable.

5. The President shall appoint a representative on the roundtable.

6. Experts may be engaged in the work of the roundtable at the proposal of the roundtable participants and the consent of the President.

7. No remuneration shall be paid for work on the roundtable.

8. The roundtable shall meet at least twice a year. The roundtable may form working groups in order to prepare questions to be discussed and to arrive at its positions and recommendations.

9. The roundtable shall be convened by the President. After receiving invitations to the roundtable, the associations shall notify the Office of the President of the name of their respective representatives.

10. The date of the meeting and agenda of the roundtable shall in general be determined at the previous roundtable. The agenda shall be planned at the recommendation of the President and the participants in the roundtable. The agenda and other prepared materials shall be sent electronically to the participants in the roundtable at least five business days prior to the roundtable meeting date.

11. The roundtable shall be chaired by the President.

12. Minutes shall be recorded regarding the roundtable discussion. The minutes shall be sent to the participants and approved at the following roundtable. The minutes shall be kept on file at the Office of the President.

13. The public shall be kept apprised of the activities of the roundtable.

14. Technical services required by the roundtable for its activities shall be arranged, and the costs related to the roundtable’s activities borne, by the Office of the President.