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Estonian Cooperation Assembly

The Estonian Cooperation Assembly (Estonian Eesti Koostöö Kogu, EKK) is a co-operation network of non-governmental organisations dedicated to Estonia’s long-term development. The goals of EKK are to share and co-ordinate the views of these organisations and on this basis to produce assessments and proposals regarding issues that are central to the future of the country.

EKK was founded by the President of the Republic of Estonia, and 77 organisations are currently involved in the charter process as members of the network. EKK acts as an independent foundation on the balance sheet of the Office of the President of the Republic. Its strategic plans are established by the Advisory Board, and its management is steered by the Executive Board.

The basis of the activities of the Estonian Cooperation Assembly is its charter, agreed upon by its members, which is drawn up for a period of three years. The current ECA charter, drafted in 2014, establishes the following as the assembly's priority areas:

– modernising public administration;
– caring for the health of democracy; and
– effective social partnership.