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Evelin Ilves visited Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital

Evelin Ilves visited Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital © Office of the President

Evelin Ilves, who is currently on a state visit to Lithuania with the President of the Republic, visited Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital where doctors from Hiiumaa also attend in-service training.

At the initiative of Dr. Virginijus Biskys, who heads Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital, the hospital has been fostering good co-operation with health care workers from Hiiumaa – several doctors, physical therapists and family doctors from there have taken part in the international training events and in-service training offered in Palanga.

"The in-service training system, intended for the patients of the hospital, is marvellous – patients can, if they want, obtain knowledge in the sphere of handicraft. There are separate classes for those interested in sewing, making wooden items and jewellery. Motivating patients by suggesting new avenues to them is an idea that could be successfully implemented in Estonia too," Evelin Ilves said.

At the initiative of Dr. Virginijus Biskys, an exhibition by 11 artists from Hiiumaa is exhibited in Lithuania; at the moment, the personal exhibition of Ott Lambing is open at Palanga rehabilitation Hospital. In 2011, Biskys intermediated three art exhibitions from Lithuania that were displayed in exhibition hall of Kärdla Cultural Centre and at Hiiumaa Hospital.

Patients recover from different diseases, surgeries, traumas and psychosomatic illnesses at Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital. The purpose of the hospital is to restore the health of patients to allow them to return to everyday life. Every year, the hospital treats more than 4,000 Lithuanian patients and approximately 500 patients from abroad. In 2012, the World Health Organisation acknowledged three health-promoting hospitals; the Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital, run by Dr. Virginijus Biskys, was one of them.

Evelin Ilves will today also visit the Palanga Amber Museum, which is a branch of the Lithuanian Art Museum and has been visited, to date, by approximately 8 million people. The museum has 4,500 exhibits and a unique collection of amber.

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