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The President’s Video Greeting at the Estonian Design Awards Gala, 21 September 2012


Nature has created the pear and the apple. The Creator's hand has been dexterous, for the pear and the apple conceal the pure aesthetics of form, coupled with excellent user comfort.

Man has also been endowed with the power to create a new reality around himself.

What could that world be like?

Let's begin with the basics: a high chair that does not fall over; a brush axe with a handle that fits your grip; a bicycle that is simply nice and has spokes in which the long Kihnu skirt does not get caught. That is the sound of everyday music, full of wonder at a world man has examined.

There are examples of elegant creativity in Estonian design; there are brilliant ideas here. Some of our solutions have made it onto the global stage. To achieve a real breakthrough, we need to unite our efforts. This power is in your hands.

The world of design has branched out into multiple directions. This is inevitable because we all wish to broaden the specific fields that we have chosen for ourselves. But we all inhabit the same world. Let us retain our artist's honour and help each other find better solutions, together. Solutions that make our lives livelier. Opting for methods and materials that do not damage our natural surroundings. Creating harmonious environments in which it is easy to think and live. Each solution, no matter how small, helps complete the big picture; everything has its function. Even a simple potato peeler can bring joy to the soul. Everything in this world is connected. To conclude in an Eno Raud-like manner: The hedgehog can put the apples in the pot if he has both the pot and the apples.

Good luck!