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In memoriam Enn Soosaar


A great thinker, essayist, and translator has passed away.

Enn Soosaar’s work in shaping our nation’s spiritual outlook proves that one can be a statesman without being in an elected and appointed position. He was one of those whom we can respectfully call: the conscience of a nation.

In his ever tactful and quiet way, Enn Soosaar told and wrote about the basic truths of humanity, togetherness and democracy. He gave meaning to paths that Estonian people have travelled and to the sufferings they have endured. He asked us not to stray from what is right and not to justify our errors by the sufferings we have been through.

The wisdom that is found from life and books combined with the skills of understanding others and of placing the temptations of flawed human nature into a more general concept helped him to define the choices that were once faced during the difficult times, as well as those in these modern, easier times.

In this same composed yet invincible way, he stood against that which involved the temptation of returning to the past’s double morality, autocratic power games, and restrictions on freedom of choice.

With gratitude, I recall our conversations and arguments and will miss them deeply and personally, in the very same way that the Estonian people will miss one of their moral and ethical speakers.

Now, as I feel the cold pain of loss, I bow my head to the next of kin, friends and acquaintances of Mr. Enn Soosaar.


Toomas Hendrik Ilves
President of the Republic


Vancouver, 10th February 2010