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News in pictures: Estonian Association of Bakeries presents the presidential couple with bread made from freshly-harvested crops


The representatives of the Estonian Association of Bakeries took a large loaf of bread, baked from freshly-harvested crops, to President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Ieva Ilves in Kadriorg today to celebrate national bread week.

The tradition of bringing bread baked from freshly-harvested crops to the President's residence dates back to the period before World War II. The goal of the Estonian Association of Bakeries' annual Bread Week is to highlight the importance of healthy rye bread among Estonians, which is a staple on the table of children, young people and adults.

Apart from bread made from freshly-harvested crops, the Estonian Association of Bakeries also gave the presidential couple a small selection of the produce of Estonian bread manufacturers.

On behalf of the Estonian Association of Bakeries, the following people visited the President in Kadriorg: President of the Association, Uno Kaldmäe (Lõuna Pagarid AS) and members of the Association's Management Board, Meelis Pärn (OÜ Pagaripoisid) and Mai Linnas (OÜ Eesti Leivatööstus).

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