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President Ilves: for me, casting my e-vote stands for an expression of trust towards the Republic of Estonia

President Ilves: for me, casting my e-vote stands for an expression of trust towards the Republic of Estonia © Office of the President


The President, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, cast his vote in the election of the European Parliament today, on the first day of the e-elections.

The Head of State took part today in the e-elections of the European Parliament today, without leaving his office.

"This is a well-known and appreciated solution, characteristic of Estonia as the e-Republic, which allows those who are away from home on election day the opportunity to still cast their vote, by using the tools offered by today's mobile information society," President Ilves told.

"For me, casting my e-vote is not only convenient, but represents, above all, an expression of trust towards one of the best IT systems in the world, an expression of trust to the Republic of Estonia," he emphasised.

According to the Head of State, Estonia can now offer secure e-election, thanks to the ID card and population register tools.

"In Estonia, e-elections are taking place for the seventh time and, to date, there have been no security incidents that may have influenced the election results," admitted the President. "Today, e-elections have become as elementary as the fact that Estonia is one of the leaders in cyber security, highlighted by the fact that NATO's Centre of Excellence for Cyber Defence, an institution with international dimensions, is located here."

He invited all the citizens to take part in the elections to the European Parliament, by saying that this represents the shared responsibility of Europe and us.

Epp Maaten, Information Society Advisor to the Head of State, repeated the recommendation given to all the people and institutions – to take care of their information systems and computers to ensure everyday protection on the Internet: "Everyone who is casting their vote should take care of the security of his or her computer, using anti-virus software and abiding by all the other elementary modern information society requirements. This is as elementary as looking to the left and to the right before stepping out onto the road."

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