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President Ilves talks about cyber security on "Dan Rather Reports"


Dan Rahter: When you think about countries in the world that might be the target of a massive attack, the tiny Baltic State of Estonia is probably not high on the list. On May 9th at midnight, Moscow Time, millions of signals sent from a swarm of networked computers hijacked from around the world, in countries as far away as China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt and here in the United States, suddenly launched a cyber attack aimed to knock down the entire country.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves: There's no proof exactly where it can come from because computers can be hijacked from all over the place. But if it's timed almost to the hour as to certain political events in your country – it makes you think it's probably not Nepal that's doing it.

It's not unique. It's happened before. But never on a scale like this. The real issue is legal. We need to get a strong set of laws.