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News in pictures: a present to the President of Poland


The Estonian Head of State, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who arrived in Poland for a state visit, brought a present to the President of Poland, Bronislaw Komorowski: a facsimile of the university records of his great-great grandfather, Piotr, and his brothers and nephew who all studied in the University of Tartu. The original documents were obtained from the National Archives of Estonia.

The facsimiles of the records are completed in colour print in an attempt to replicate them as close to the original as possible using folio format (29.5 x 42 cm, which is the format of the original records). Sewing – as in the case of the originals – was used to bind the facsimile records. All the records were placed in an authentic archive box. In total, the records include 240 pages.

Piotr Komorowski, the great-great grandfather of the current Head of State of Poland, Bronislaw Komorowski, studied at the University of Tartu; he was matriculated from 21 January 1857 to 05 September 1861 to the speciality of physics, but he was transferred to the speciality of cameralistics (administrative and economic sciences) after a semester and graduated from the university with a degree of candidate of cameralistics on 15 June 1862.

Antoni Komorowski – older brother of Piotr – studied economics (agriculture) at the University of Tartu; he was matriculated from 17 January 1853 to 16 April 1855 and left the university without graduating.

Wiktor Komorowski – the other older brother of Piotr – had first studied at the University of Moscow and then studied diplomacy in Tartu. He was matriculated from 21 January 1857 to 14 October 1861, and graduated on 01 May 1862 with a candidate's degree.

Jan Komorowski – Piotr's nephew – studied economics (agriculture) at the University of Tartu; he was matriculated from 19 January 1854 to 04 February 1858, 29 May 1858 to 04 July 1858 and 12 January 1859 to 14 February 1859, and graduated on 14 February 1859 with a degree of graduierter Student.

All four were members of the Konwent Polonia fraternity.

President Ilves also gave the Polish Head of State a glass ethnic sail by glass artist Ivo Lill, depicting the folk pattern of Halliste, the home parish of Toomas Hendrik Ilves. Evelin Ilves gave Anna Komorowska a handbag by Jukocute.

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