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In pictures: President Ilves thanked the most active teachers and guest teachers of the “Back to school” initiative


With the "Back to School" thank you event, President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and the leaders of the initiative acknowledged sixteen teachers and people from outside school whose participation led to the largest number of guest lessons taught in the previous school year and who have contributed to improving systemic cooperation between schools and the rest of society.

The most active participants of the "Back to School" initiative are teachers from Jõhvi Upper Secondary School, Maardu Upper Secondary School, Märjamaa Upper Secondary School, Tallinn Järveotsa Upper Secondary School and Tallinn Kuristiku Upper Secondary School. The most active guest teachers have a varied background and come from the private, public and third sectors. The leaders of projects whose activity has brought together many teachers and guest teachers to give pupils more information about HIV, cultural heritage, managing finances, opportunities in science and IT and how to travel smart were also acknowledged.

President Ilves expressed his satisfaction that the lessons within the framework of the "Back to School" initiative are not solely taught in big cities but the good people have given lessons in many schools across Estonia. "All this information serves pupils in making smarter and thought-through decisions that help them to think larger and bolder," the Head of State added.

"Our deep gratitude goes to each participant of that "Back to School" initiative that has stepped out of their daily business and taken an action that converges schools and the rest of society, making studying and teaching more meaningful," the leader of "Back to School", Triin Noorkõiv, said. "It is a great joy that we have been able to bring together the most active participants of the previous school year to share their experiences and propose new ideas for the future. As the leaders of the initiative, we do our best to let the interesting stories and ideas touch more people, because education is a topic that affects everybody and we all have a role to play in the development of a new generation."

The most active participants of the first season of the "Back to School" initiative

Teachers that involve guest teachers

• Janika Kersten, Jõhvi Upper Secondary School
• Janne Teern, Märjamaa Upper Secondary School
• Siiri Aiaste, Tallinn Kuristiku Upper Secondary School
• Tiina Kihulane, Maardu Upper Secondary School
• Triinu Lehtoja, Tallinn Järveotsa Upper Secondary School

Guest teachers

• Eve Valma
• Jaak Saar
• Paavo Pauklin
• Silver Püvi
• Tauno Palts

Leaders and supporters of projects

• Keit Fomotškin – A special project on HIV (Health Estonia Foundation)
• Liina Viies – Travel smart! (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
• Riin Alatalu – Year of cultural heritage (Ministry of Culture)
• Ulla Ilisson – Financial knowledge (Swedbank)
• Valdo Kalm – Become successful with science (Association of Information Technology and Telecommunication)


• Teele Liblik

The objective of "Back to School" is to assist in improving cooperation between schools and the rest of society. The initiative was launched in 2007 by Foundation Noored Kooli (Young People Back to School). With the support of the President of the Republic of Estonia, this initiative has reached thousands of interested people and has continued to grow since then. The initiative is led by Triin Noorkõiv and Tiina Pauklin, graduates of the Noored Kooli programme. The development project of the "Back to School" new information system was financed by an area of government of the Minister of Regional Affairs, National Foundation of Civil Society and Swedbank, the strategic partner of "Back to School".

Further information:

Triin Noorkõiv
"Back to School" leader
520 6603
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