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President Ilves participates in Let’s Do It at Jõekääru summer home near Toronto


President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Mrs. Evelin Ilves and the official delegation accompanying the head of state have participated in the Let's Do It clean-up day at the Jõekääru summer home of the Estonian community near Toronto during their state visit to Canada.

"Like Skype, which was invented in Estonia and has spread all over the world, the clean-up initiative Let's Do It launched by Estonians now takes place in around a hundred countries," said President Ilves, who was cutting brushwood at Jõekääru summer home yesterday. He spent many summers at the camp during his childhood.

"The land here at Jõekääru was bought and the summer home built to bring up kids in an Estonian language environment and with an Estonian way of thinking," Ilves explained. "It's a symbol of taking initiative – what Estonians can themselves do during hard times." He gave the start-up package of Let's Do It to the organizers of the day and special badges to everyone who took part.

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