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President Ilves presented the Young Architect Award to Veronika Valk

President Ilves presented the Young Architect Award to Veronika Valk © Reio Avaste (Union of Estonian Architects)


"The works of Burman and Kotli are very well known in Estonia and I am quite sure that in time people will speak, with respect, about the houses designed by Grossschmidt or Tomiste, the representatives of new and fresh ways of thinking," told the President, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, today when presenting the Young Architect Award. The winner was Veronika Valk.

"If we recall past winners of the award, their creations serve to confirm one fact that I hold dear – in Estonia, one can do great things early on one's creative path without having to struggle for decades to stand out. This is the big advantage that we and you share. This is the advantage of a small country," told the Head of State. "The works of both past winners and today's candidates are bold and have character, conveying hope for Estonia in the process."

This is something we should ponder as we approach the 95th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, President Ilves emphasised, as Estonia must look boldly into the future and focus on things that are important for today and tomorrow.

"The work of an architect can be compared to the work of a teacher. Your creations will both modernise the spaces around us and make them more interesting. Using materials that are environmentally sound, suitable and characteristic of us, while educating both your clients and those responsible for public spaces and the public in general," stated the Head of State, adding that our architects are being dignified in their responsibility to create an Estonia with a good living environment: "To avoid it being derelict and monotonous, but modern, interesting and alive instead. This will not always depend on money and budget, but good ideas and freedom of creation instead. I do hope that, apart from your spontaneous and good creations, you will still have the time and desire to enhance discussions on architectural issues, as respected and valued opinion leaders both in Estonia and abroad."

President Ilves thanked Heldur Meerits for creating the Young Architect Award and the GO Travel company for supporting the competition.

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