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President Ilves cut brush in school grounds as part of “Let’s Do It!”


President Toomas Hendrik Ilves took part in "Let's Do It!", the civic initiative to clean up one's locality, by helping to cut brush in the grounds of Abja Gymnasium in his home parish with Luukas Ilves, his son.

The Head of State reminded that while four or five years ago the "Let's Do it!" initiative was something exceptional, it has now become natural for many people to clean up their localities at the beginning of May, making them look more beautiful.

"In dozens of places all over Estonia we can see how this civic initiative brings together people who are aware of the challenges of their parishes or cities and are also able to find a solution to these problems," stated President Ilves. "This maintenance cleans up our localities and the whole country. And let's look beyond: the "Let's Do It!" initiative that began in Estonia has now reached many countries and turned 2012 into an international year that links 91 countries and millions of people."

The "Let's Do it!" initiative and clean-up action in general represent the action of every person who cares for their home and country in response to negligence and indifference. This is manifested in people's desire to clean up the waste – in the most extensive meaning of the word – that surrounds us, told President Ilves.

Read more about "Let's do it! World Cleanup 2012" here:  http://www.letsdoitworld.org/

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