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President Ilves commemorates victims of World War II


The President, Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, today placed a wreath at the memorials for the victims of World War II at Maarjamäe, and he commemorated and recalled all our co-countrymen who lost their lives during the last world war.

“Today, as sixty six years have passed since the end of World War II in Europe, we recall, with sadness and pain, all the people who were deprived of their lives, health, next of kin or homes by the war. But we also think of nations who were deprived of freedom and independence,” President Ilves said.

“Estonia did not fight in this war as a state; however, it did lose one fifth of its population,” the Head of State recalled.

“For Estonian people fighting in World War II and wearing different uniforms – many of whom were mobilised – it often was an option that was forced upon them by a foreign regime. This was a situation in which there were actually no choices,” President Ilves said, bowing his head to commemorate those who believed, during the World War II, in the prospect of restoring the Republic of Estonia and fought for the idea that was only realised 47 years later.

The wreaths placed by the Estonian Head of State at Maarjamäe bear the text, “To those who died in World War II”.


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