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A monument to members of the Defence Forces who died in Afghanistan was reopened in Paldiski


The President, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, thanked the members of Estonian Defence Forces and their next of kin in Paldiski for defending Estonia's freedom and independence.

According to the Head of State, when he thinks of them he feels pride and gratitude as they and their comrades have proven that Estonia is a reliable ally. "The arrival of the airborne troops of the United States of America, the most powerful NATO ally, represents a visible component of brotherhood in arms and relationships within the alliance," told President Ilves.

"In fighting in the NATO-led operation in Afghanistan, our soldiers also fought for both the freedom of local people and the freedom and independence of Estonia," stated the Head of State.

According to President Ilves, Estonia's place in the world is secured better than ever before: "We have a strong defence will; we have strong allies. The bravery of our soldiers plays a role in this."

The monument to the members of the Estonian Defence Forces who died in Afghanistan was opened on 5 October 2010 in Camp Bastion and was now transferred to the Paldiski home army unit of the men and women who have fought in foreign operations.

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