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Reply by President Toomas Hendrik Ilves to the question asked by the BNS news agency


BNS: How do you comment on the decision made on Saturday by your Latvian colleague, President Valdis Zatlers, to initiate the dissolution of the Latvian Parliament?

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves: I do not consider it appropriate to interfere with the internal policy of another state. Having met with President Valdis Zatlers recently and discussed the situation with him once again by phone, I understand the reasons why the Latvian head of state made such a surprising decision.

It is clear that corruption and visible impediments in controlling it in any state reduce the trust of the citizens as well as international trust in the state.

Corruption means that the will of the people does not matter, that laws do not matter or, in other words, that democracy does not work and that the rule of law does not work, thus undermining both domestic and foreign security.

I understand any constitutional and democratic step aimed at reducing corruption, shady decision-making and dishonesty in politics or the economy.