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President Toomas Hendrik Ilves to Interfax, a Russian information agency, 25 June 2008


Which topics would you like to discuss with Dmitri Medvedyev, the President of Russia, at your meeting in Hanty-Mansisk on 28 June?

Considering that there have not been too many high-level meetings between Estonia and Russia, we will certainly discuss a wide range of issues that are relevant to the relations between Estonia and Russia and between the European Union and Russia both today and in a longer run.


How do you assess relations between Russia and Estonia?

I would not dramatise the situation. There are areas where our relations are good, for example cultural exchange and cooperation between Border Guards. But of course, there are spheres where more understanding is needed between our countries. 


In your opinion, who holds the key to better relations – Tallinn or Moscow?

A single key is an excessively simplified symbol. In view of the multifaceted nature of relations between Estonia and Russia, there is certainly a major bunch of keys.