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"The Kremlin and the World", BBC World Service, 27 February 2008


In BBC World Service radio programme "The Kremlin and the World" journalist Tim Whewell finds out where this new East, West confrontation is heading. Among others, President Toomas Hendrik Ilves gives an overview of Estonian perspective.

Tim Whewell: However politically, Russia seems to be harking back to the days of the old Soviet Union and playing by its own rules.

In April last year, history came tapping on Estonia's shoulder - an old quarrel with Russia was about to be pursued by the most modern means.

Estonia believed that the Russians were behind a cyber attack which temporarily paralysed their computer network.

They say the attack began after it moved a Soviet war memorial in Tallinn.

Russia has also fallen out with Georgia, Britain and America and it seems like both East and West are reverting back to old stereotypes.

Has the bear has finally crawled out from its lair? Tim Whewell finds out if we should be worrying now that the Russian Bear is definitely back.