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NATO Shifts Aim From Waterloo to East as Russia MenacesBloomberg Businessweek

"The message is that in the event of a confrontation, NATO could deploy a holding force very quickly and then would wait for the cavalry to arrive, which was pretty much the model during the Cold War," said Neil Melvin, a senior researcher at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

President Obama brought back 'hope and change' this summer - and exported it to Estonia - Washington Post

Obama's domestic speeches that hinge on talk of hope and change also have a bogeyman. Domestically, it is congressional Republicans. Here in Estonia, it was Russian President Vladimir Putin. Obama's mere presence on Russia's doorstep was a rebuke of Putin, and Obama repeatedly castigated Russia and its leader.

Commitments on Three Fronts Test Obama's Foreign PolicyNY Times

Washington is betting that while sanctions are having little effect now, over time they will hollow out Mr. Putin's poll ratings. But the short term is more complex. For months now, arguments inside the administration have been over how directly and where to draw the line. In Tallinn, Estonia's capital, on Wednesday Mr. Obama drew it at NATO's own boundaries. The question is whether Mr. Putin believes him.

An eye on the Baltic states?Washington Post

Ukraine may be an ethnic casserole susceptible to diminishment by Putin's ladle. But the Baltic states, by virtue of their NATO membership, are, regardless of their histories or sociologies, decisively different. And given Putin's animus, nourished by his negligibly resisted success in Ukraine, he is more dangerous than the Islamic State.

Estonia hits NATO target on defense spending, but lags on gender equalityChristian Science Monitor

Yet despite their dreams of Nordic egalitarianism, Estonia comes in last in European Union (EU) gender pay parity, behind even fellow post-Soviet states Latvia and Lithuania with no such aspirations. According to government data, Estonian men earn one quarter more than their female counterparts, and the gap is widening.

President Obama's foreign policy beyond the sound biteWashington Post

Americans face a test of whether we can have a rational debate about our role in the world that involves more than throwing sound bites in the president's face. Obama's own test is to acknowledge the reality that, like it or not, many nations are looking to him — and to us — to offer a coherent path away from this "epidemic of world lawlessness." Doing so will be no easier for this president than it was for FDR.

Obama's Russia paradox: Why he just threatened WWIII in order to prevent itVox

Obama's speech from the Estonian capital of Tallinn, though just a speech, may well be America's most important and aggressive step yet against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. While the speech will do nothing for Ukraine, it is meant to stop Russia from invading, or perhaps from sponsoring rebellions in, other European countries — so long as those European countries are part of NATO, as most are.

A History Lesson for Barack Obama: What Really Happened in Estonia During World War II?The Algemeiner

The history of Estonia in this period, just like the history of Ukraine, is also a history of the Jews – of betrayal, persecution, and extinction. We, who survived, will not let it be forgotten and swept under the rug of political expedience. Not even by you.

Obama Just Made the Ultimate Commitment to Eastern EuropeThe Atlantic

This is the ultimate commitment, given by the ultimate authority, in the very place where the commitment would be tested—and would have to be honored. There's no turning back from that. Today, for the first time perhaps, Eastern Europeans have reason to believe it. And Vladimir Putin? His depredations have brought about the very result he claimed most to fear: a reanimated NATO rededicated to the defense of all its members, new and old, West and East, backed by the ultimate commitment of the United States.