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"Estonia is Grateful" - The Awarding of the President of the Republic’s State Decorations at the Rakvere Theatre on 23 February 2015

© Andres Putting


Esteemed recipients of the state decorations.
Dear family members.

When we look at this year's recipients of the national decorations, we see a strong Estonia.

We see an Estonia whose people appreciate the independence of their country, an independence that is based on us – on our education and level of learning, on our work and vocations, our families, our skill at noticing those who need help and our determination to hold onto our land.

Estonia relies on you.

This is an active Estonia. One we do not always notice, but one that exists all around us. In our hopes, aspirations and actions.

This is a protected Estonia, made especially strong by the ordinary sense of responsibility of people in many walks of life, and the sense of certainty that Estonia is the right and best place for us all.

One of this year's recipients said recently that he has not done anything heroic and most of the people that he works with deserve a decoration.

Well said. After all, we are often stingy offering praise and recognition. And yet, we are often more than willing to condemn, instead of being supportive and respectful of each other.

I really believe that differences are enriching. I believe that instead of clinging to dogmas we should focus on democratic discussions. This makes us all richer and better. And will make Estonia greater.

This year the recipients of the state decorations also include our friends and supporters from abroad, who vividly embody the idea of Estonia, the ideals of Estonia and the aspiration toward a modern state that is based on the truth. Included are those without whom we would not have an e-state, without whom Estonia would be weaker and all the democratic countries in this region would be less secure.

Based on personal experience we know that friends can increase strength and allies authority. We have made our own important security-related choices, as well as our technological ones, because we think they are correct. This has brought us sure friends and strong allies.

We thank you. Good luck.

A wonderful Republic of Estonia birthday to you all. Long live Estonia!