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National Defence Council discussed development of new NATO strategic concept and operation in Afghanistan


The development of a new NATO strategic concept was discussed at the session of the National Defence Council, which was summoned at the invitation of the President Toomas Hendrik Ilves. The Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Harri Tiido, gave a presentation.

The Head of State emphasised that this is an important document, which determines the development trends of NATO for the next decade.

“The document must find a balance between foreign missions of the alliance and protecting the territories of allied countries, whereas the credibility, visibility, pressure and dynamism of NATO are highly important,” said President Ilves.

The Commander of the Defence Forces, Lieutenant General Ants Laaneots, gave an overview of the operation in Afghanistan, where approximately 300 members of the Estonian Defence Forces are currently participating.

“We have suffered some tragic losses, but it is quite obvious that we are speaking of the longest NATO operation and therefore, also of Estonia, one which will only come to an end once the authorities of Afghanistan are fully capable of becoming responsible for the security situation in their country,” said President Ilves.

The National Defence Council considered supplying the members of the Estonian Defence Forces, serving in Afghanistan, with the best possible equipment as a high priority for their service in this NATO operation to serve the interests of Estonia’s strategic partnership.


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