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President Ilves: the sciences must be brought to young people


Yesterday in Kadriorg, the President’s Academic Advisory Board gathered to discuss developments in Estonia’s labor market and its wage policies, the financing of research, and questions related to innovation policy.

During the exchange of ideas related to the future of Estonian science, President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said that we must think about how to attract young people to the sciences. “Although the Estonian people are interested in knowledge and value education, but they appreciate the sciences to a lesser degree,” President Ilves remarked, “therefore discussions on the future of sciences may turn out to be ineffective if we have few young people who want to deal with the sciences.”

According to the Head of State, the press has a large role to play in popularizing the sciences and he expressed hope that scientific achievements and science in general will be given more thorough and consistent coverage by the press in the future.

Academicians Jaan Einasto and Mart Saarma gave presentations at the meeting of the Academic Advisory Board; the study entitled “Education and the Labor Market in Estonia” was introduced to the members of the Advisory Board by Martti Raidal from the Institute for Chemical Physics and Biophysics, Märten Ross, the Vice President of the Bank of Estonia, and Tairi Rõõm, Supervisor of Research at the Bank of Estonia.


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