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President Ilves on the Independence Day of the Republic of Lithuania: "Congratulations, Lithuania!"

President Ilves on the Independence Day of the Republic of Lithuania: © Raigo Pajula


President Toomas Hendrik Ilves sent his congratulations to the Head of State of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, on the Independence Day of Lithuania.

"Over the last quarter century, we have successfully stood together side by side over the course of significant changes that have irrefutably secured the independence of both Estonia and Lithuania, and brought us to the European Union and NATO," wrote President Ilves.

"Estonia and Lithuania are kindred spirits, allies, friends. We have both witnessed how a once natural and predictable security environment has deteriorated over the last couple of years. We can both notice the signs of fragility shown by Europe, our shared home. This is why we need to keep our eyes on a horizon that is as expansive as possible, strive harder to ensure our strengths and those of the Baltic-Nordic region and Europe in general," emphasised the Estonian Head of State.

He recalled how President Grybauskaitė gave him a kite three years ago in Vilnius, which was made by masters of handicraft in Užupis, and he wished us all a wide wingspan.

"This is exactly how it has happened, when I think about the considerable contribution that Lithuania made last year to enhancing the energy security of the EU in general; the decision of Lithuania to continue to increase defence expenditure is also as important for all of us," wrote President Ilves.

"I am quite confident about our successful future regional co-operation, which will leave behind a number of visible reminders for future generations, such as Rail Baltic and a number of influential large-scale projects in the sphere of defence, economic, energy and cultural relations," stated the Estonian Head of State, who finished his letter with the following words: "Congratulations, Lithuania. Long live Lithuania!"

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