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National Defence Council discussed Estonia’s IT vulnerabilities and state refugee policies


The National Defence Council was summoned at the invitation of the President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and focused on the possible vulnerabilities of the state IT sector, co-operation with the private sector, enhancing cryptography-related awareness, the funding of the state information systems and the European Union refugee crisis.

"The state needs to be a smart customer. To this end, we need to invest in people in order to obtain the capabilities required to administrate the IT development sector in general, starting from drafting the terms of reference up to maintenance and further development," emphasised President Ilves, when speaking about the co-operation between the public and private sector for the purposes of administration of the IT infrastructure important for the state.

"The Republic of Estonia needs to conduct an adequate evaluation of developments that take place in the world of cryptography and their possible impacts on the security of state information systems. We need to enhance the awareness of the governance sector of cryptography to ensure that the state as a customer has the capacity to employ more comprehensive, modern and safer solutions, in due time and as appropriate," told the Head of State.

In discussing the refugee crisis, the Head of State admitted that a balance needs to be found between our foreign policy interests and domestic security. According to the President, the European Union will need to look to the future and learn from the mistakes made in the refugee crisis so far, in order to avoid the same mistakes recurring and take the wind out of the spread of populism.

"Today, Estonia needs more decisions taken with statesmanship so that it can support the internal solidarity of the European Union and, in turn, the security of the Republic of Estonia," emphasised President Ilves.

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