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Estonian Head of State met with the Dutch Foreign Minister


Today's meeting between the President, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Frans Timmermans, focused on the co-ordinated and uniform counter measures of the European Union and NATO to Russia's activities in Ukraine.

"The organisations uniting the allies – both the European Union and NATO – are currently demonstrating either their credibility or weakness, when deciding whether to condemn and respond to the violation of international law by Russia and the resulting aggression in Ukraine," President Ilves emphasised. "Our choice must give us reason to say: "I feel proud to be a European", instead of admitting: "I feel ashamed to be a European.""

Should we adopt a pragmatic attitude towards sanctions against Russia, and avoid causing any damage to trade interests, we will betray our common values and everything that democratic Europe has relied upon since the end of World War II, warned the Estonian Head of State.

He emphasized that the EU should support and encourage Ukraine's closer integration with Europe.

"I do hope that with some support from the international community the Ukrainian government will cope with the current crisis, which has been fanned by Russia, and then we will witness the birth of a democratic, successful and European Ukraine alongside us," said President Ilves.

The Estonian Head of State and the Foreign Minister of the Netherlands also discussed the development of the European Union common digital market and the implementation of information and communication services in Estonia and the Netherlands.

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