Interviews president Tue, 04 Oct 2016 05:20:35 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb "A plan for making the cyber world safe", World Economic Forum Written by Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Few things in the world seem to progress faster than technology. But despite technology's inexorable march forward, security almost always seems to be a generation behind. As society and industry become more dependent on internet-connected devices, and the online world becomes a central and underlying component of the physical world, the significance of cybersecurity increases commensurately. No longer can security be left to IT departments and security groups within companies. Rather, it requires engagement at the highest levels of both industry and government.

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"Estonian Leader Hopes Donald Trump 'Would Be Well-Briefed on Foreign Affairs'", ABC News By Alex Lederman

With less than 75 days until the United States presidential election, one world leader has weighed in on the prospect of a Donald Trump administration.

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"Estonian Leader Says He’s Unconcerned About Trump’s Praise for Russia, Wavering on NATO", The Wall Street Journal By Drew Hinshaw and Liis Kängsepp

'What's there to be nervous about?' asks U.S.-reared Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

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"For tiny Estonia, deterring Russia requires major backup", PBS HARI SREENIVASAN: Tonight, our series Fault Lines takes us to Estonia.

Unlike Ukraine, where we spent the last two nights, Estonia is a member of NATO, one of the alliance's smallest countries, but among its most committed members.

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"Estland: Sveriges säkerhetsläge försvagas av brexit", SVT Nyheter Ulf Hambraeus

Den estniska presidenten Toomas Hendrik Ilves levererar ett varningens ord till Sverige med anledning av att Storbritannien väljer att lämna EU. Sveriges säkerhetspolitiska läge har försvagats avsevärt av brexit, säger han till SVT Nyheter.

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"Brexit: EU spells out procedure for UK to leave", BBC News The European Union has clarified the way the UK can kickstart formal negotiations to exit the bloc following Thursday's referendum.

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"The End of the West As We Know It?", The American Interest Toomas Hendrik Ilves

The following remarks were delivered on May 13 at the 2016 Lennart Meri Conference by the President of Estonia. In the wake of the recent Brexit vote, they are more resonant than ever.

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"The Unexpected Story of How This Tiny Country Became the Most Tech-Savvy on Earth", Mic By Jake Horowitz

Stylish young entrepreneurs donning posh designer suits huddle around their MacBooks, sipping artisanal lattes and feverishly typing away as house music booms in the background. Dozens of hackers queue for lunch in a bustling courtyard outfitted with gourmet food trucks, pingpong tables and pop-up art installations.

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"Why can’t the Estonian president buy a song off iTunes for his Latvian wife?", Ars Technica by Cyrus Farivar

Toomas Hendrik Ilves really, really wants a much more digitally-integrated Europe.

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"Worldview: In the Baltics, feeling the Russian chill", The Philadelphia Inquirer by Trudy Rubin, Inquirer Columnist

In the early 1990s, after the collapse of the Soviet empire, most Western nations basked in the illusion that liberal democracy had triumphed. Many thought NATO had become an anachronism in an era of permanent European peace.

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